What you can expect from us? Everything! We facilitate your projects from conception to implementation and launch. With our long-standing experience and our competent team of experts we offer a full-service package for all stages of your project.

Financial Impact

Our tailor-made solutions and consulting services will help you save money.

Digital Strategy

Our software solutions complement your needs and corporate strategy ensuring the highest impact.

Powerful Insights

Our solutions give you the information and the insights you need to make the right decisions.


Consulting and Projects

A big IT project, an extensive upgrade of your systems or new challenges that require digital solutions? With more than 20 years of experience supporting companys in transformation we can guarantee smooth transitions.


Digital In-House Solutions

You run a hotel? Imagine your hotel could offer its guests a mobile application, that allows them not only to have all hotel information at their finger tips, but also allows gives them to control over all room functions, helps them to find the nearest sights and book a massage in your spa. What makes sense for a hotel also works for all other businesses. Use a mobile app to book meetingrooms after checking availability and use it as mobile key solution or control beamer and screens. Anaylse customer flow, supervise services and improve efficiency and effectiveness to enhance your processes. A perfect solution for customers and corporations. A mobile application with sheer endless posibilities.


Retail Big Data

When does a guest choose a certain service, which days at which time are the most profitable and which product is in highest demand? With our retail big-data solution you get the answers to your questions. Retail big-data offers you the posibillity to visualiue and understand complex relations. For the right decisions in your business.